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7 Oct, 2023

esg2go even more on the Go!

esg2go upgrade: innovative, simple and smart:

  • the innovative esg2goCO2-Calculator,
  • the simple esg2go reporting and
  • the smart simulation of measures “Key Driver Analysis” for the optimization of esg2go rating scores

These are just the most important of many other additional services designed to improve and simplify sustainability management.

Furthermore, theesg2go Community is growing to customers and partners. We are approaching the 1,000th license and are getting a lot of support from all sides.

Order now an esg2go license still at the old price (and for renewals with 20% discount) on

The new functions briefly explained:

Integrated CO2-Calculator

The pressure on companies to record and systematically reduce their emissions has grown, not least for regulatory reasons. For this reason, esg2go provides a separate CO2-calculator, which shows the emissions according to Scope 1, 2 and 3 (first tier). The esg2go rating inputs in the area of ‘Energy and Waste’ are largely sufficient for the calculations of Scope 1 and 2. Only a few additional entries need to be made in order to cover Scope 3 (e.g. for travel expenses or waste). The validation of the CO2-calculator based on test cases and their comparison with recognized standards provided excellent results; the differences are within the tolerance range and can be well explained.

Thus, you get a meaningful emission estimate. It is also possible to enter differentiated additional information, depending on availability and where it makes sense. The more information you enter, the more accurate the estimate of yourCO2-emissions will be.

Automatisierte Key Driver Analysis

The Key Driver Analysis simulates which measures you can take to effectively and economically improve your score per key area. You can see which measure brings how many points. This makes esg2go an internal management tool. Sustainability is on the Go!

Semi-automated reporting

Semi-automated reporting in accordance with GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) has been possible since the beginning of 2023. This has now been updated to GRI version 2021. Semi-automation enables the direct transfer of esg2go data. They are transcoded in text form into the respective answer boxes of the GRI questionnaire. There then remains the task of manually filling in answers to questions not covered by esg2go.

With the upgrade, an additional “esg2go Reporting” is now available, which is directly based on the achieved key area scores of the esg2go rating. The esg2go reporting was developed together with a top-class panel of experts and helps to create a meaningful sustainability report with minimal effort. Reporting follows the EFRAG (European Financial Reporting Advisory Group) principles, which also apply to the EU Directive on Corporate Sustainable Reporting (CSRD) and GRI.

The esg2go reporting has the advantage that each key area score can be commented. If a key area is not considered relevant in the respective context and this can also be justified, the corresponding score does not really carry any weight. However, if a key area is deemed relevant (for example, because many key stakeholders place value on it), there is an opportunity to set measures and improvement targets. Actual and target state can be compared regularly. In addition, the principle of double materiality is also taken into account: That is, the company sets out, either at key area or aggregate level, the extent to which the intended measures will affect the environment and society and how the change will impact the company.

The growing community

The Community includes not only the users of esg2go, but also

  • Partners (first and foremost UBS and Zürich Versicherung, which financially support the further developments at the non-profit CCRS CCRS Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability)
  • Independent experts from science and practice in the expert panel as well as other scientific institutions in Germany and abroad, which we call Progress Enablers. (The recently deposited country selection of 164 countries and the deposit of the most important currencies are aimed at ensuring international compatibility).
  • Professionals (who support the esg2go participants)
  • Promoters (who recommend us to their members and provide communication support. Here is the link to a nice support by BauenSchweiz)

The esg2go ecosystem is thus broadly supported and is steadily gaining credibility and reach. But best of all: esg2go is increasingly being accepted by major customers as an equivalent sustainability credential in tenders and supplier monitoring. This is also helped by our recent research into the first esg2go values, which concludes that companies with a high esg2go value are more likely to be able to meet their obligations as a customer and supplier in the value chain.

To make it even easier and faster

Viele weitere Funktionen wurden verbessert und erweitert, um das Tool praktikabler zu machen. This includes, for example, the simple transfer of the previous year’s data, the increase in comparability thanks to the installation of Scope3 elements for district heating/flat-rate rentals and for data centers, or automated order processing so that purchasers receive their accounts even faster. Thus, the esg2go Rating & Reporting System presents itself today as a fully mature platform.

Webinar with ClimatePartners

esg2go is designed to be open. This is evident not only in the various industry-related adjustments where we integrate existing information into our ratings and reporting. We also take advantage of the synergies with strong partners, which round off our range of services. One such partnership is with ClimatePartners, with whom we will be hosting a webinar on November 29, 2023 from 11:00-12:00. Registrations via this Link.

Price remains unchanged until the end of the year

Despite the new features, the price for esg2go light, light+ and professional will remain unchanged until the end of December. Prices will then be increased slightly as of January 1, 2024 as a result of the new functionalities. Until then, all new customers benefit from the previous prices and existing customers additionally from the 20% discount for renewals or follow-up orders.

The rating with the new Key Driver Analysis functionality (but without reporting or CO2 calculator) will then cost a regular CHF 300.00, with partners passing on generous discounts or contributing to the costs. The Light+ version with the CO2-calculator and the automated GRI and esg2go reports then costs CHF 550.00 and the Professional solution with up to two hours of consulting on entering and interpreting the results then costs CHF 750.00. Orders can be placed via https://order.esg2go.orgs .

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With kind regards

Prof. Dr. Philipp Aerni, Director CCRS Center for Responsability and Sustainability
Dr. Luzi Rageth, CEO Adjumed Services AG

PS: Take advantage of the new functionalities and order today your esg2go-Licence!


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