We are like you: an SME.

We also have to use our resources sparingly and bear entrepreneurial risk. At the same time, we strive not only to optimize our economic performance, but also to be above average in ecological and social terms.

As we claim to be very transparent, here you will find the esg2go ratings and reports of Adjumed Services AG, the company behind the platform. This will also show you what kind of documents you will later receive from us.

Not just empty words: our core values.

Three principles guide us in everyday life. We guarantee you the following:


Nobody makes the world more sustainable on their own. It is important to us to network SMEs so that you can share knowledge and utilize synergies. This page also tells you who is already actively and fully using our services.


For us, sustainability is not a fair-weather topic for the image section of the annual report. We have clear criteria and measure objectively and fairly. That is why we are happy to disclose how we calculate our scores and how we avoid greenwashing.

Data protection

Your data belongs solely to you. They always have control over who sees them. We also do everything we can to make the transmission, collection and protection of sensitive company information as secure as possible.

Who you are dealing with here:

That depends entirely on who you are. We combine expertise in data analysis, sustainability, business, IT and project management. Everything you need to successfully offer a service like esg2go.

ZHAW Wintherthur

We are happy to share our knowledge – even right here.

Swiss Cleantech

The more the world knows about sustainability, the more sustainable it becomes. We are therefore keen to share our knowledge and write about news relevant to SMEs.

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Everything we do generates resonance.

On the one hand, we are sometimes actively involved in scientific studies ourselves, while on the other hand, our customers and the media are constantly writing about us. Here you can read what others are writing about us, from the world press to local SMEs: