There is no easier way to obtain proof of sustainability.
No cheaper way either.

Good to know

An ESG rating or reporting is like a tax return: anyone who is struggling with it for the very first time will find it complicated. It gets easier and easier in the following years.

If you are not familiar with sustainability and its reporting, the Professional version is worthwhile in the first year, later you can switch to a different version.

How to get your rating

You can enter your data yourself or let one of our professionals help you.

Your entries will be checked automatically. From this we generate the rating incl. Benchmarking. With the Light+ and Professional versions, you also receive your reports incl. CO2 calculator.

What is the difference between the simple rating and the reports?

The rating is the basis, it consists of 100 variables (or 80 if your company has fewer than 10 employees). We use this to calculate your scores in various categories. This will show you where you are strong and where there is still potential.

The reports are based on the entries and results of the esg2go rating. Reports are formulated in natural language and use the rating as a basis. They are often specified as an officially defined standard, such as the GRI Reporting (Global Reporting Initiative) from the USA, which has established itself worldwide thanks to its clear definitions and also serves as the basis for the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). A GRI report can be generated semi-automatically on the esg2go platform.

Do you have any questions?

You will find answers in our FAQ. Of course, we will be happy to help you find the best offer for you.