Companies are increasingly required to disclose their sustainability. Fortunately, esg2go is a solution that enables SMEs to obtain a rating and the various required reports quickly and easily.

It’s still not quite as easy to show your own sustainability as ordering a coffee to go. But almost. And we are working on saving companies even more time.

What does ESG mean?
And why 2go?

The first three letters stand for “Environmental, Social, Governance”. These are the three key areas according to which a company’s sustainability performance is assessed.

2go expresses that you can obtain the desired sustainability certificates from us with reasonable effort and without a long wait. It may take a little longer than if you order a coffee to go. But we are constantly working to save you time.

Your advantages:

esg2go is reliable

As an SME, you receive a handy tool with which you can precisely measure your sustainability and compare yourself according to sector and company size.


esg2go is reasonable

You store your core data once with reasonable effort and gain access to a system of ratings and reports. You can then use these for any sustainability certificate. Or in marketing and communication.

esg2go is safe

With esg2go, you can be sure that you will meet the constantly changing requirements at all times. Our solution is therefore also economically sustainable for your company.


esg2go explained in less than five minutes:

Find out from Director Prof. Dr. Philipp Aerni himself what the advantages of esg2go are.

You can join from CHF 300 per year.

Our offer is tailored to SMEs. So are our prices. The entry-level Light solution costs CHF 300. Our sponsors offer discounts.

Speaking of effort: In the first year, you should expect to spend around one working day researching all the key figures you need. After that, it’s a breeze.

Good to know:

We live openness.

Our ratings are transparent, our team is happy to exchange ideas and our interfaces are available to third parties. We are convinced that gardening does not make the world more sustainable.

Numbers instead of greenwashing.

Pretty pictures and cloudy words are not sustainable. Facts are. esg2go stands for precise comparisons and differentiated benchmarking that is clear and comprehensible.

No conflicts of interest.

We operate the platform and create the ratings and reports. All consulting is provided by independent professionals, while verification is carried out by independent accredited auditors such as SQS (our “Preferred Verification Partner”). In this way, we ensure that the result is objective and fair.

Especially for SMEs.

There are many ESG ratings. However, their focus is on listed companies. If you are an SME and do not want to hire a compliance department and a 10-member Sustainability Advisory Board, we are the right partner for you.

Who is behind it?

esg2go is a public-private partnership between the CCRS Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at the Fribourg School of Business and the technology provider Adjumed Services AG.

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The following strategic partners support us:

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We also work with around 50 professionals and many partners who are happy to support you.

How easy is esg2go really?

To find out for sure, read what other SMEs write about us:

"esg2go is a real bright spot: Simple, clear, reliable, open, functional, secure and especially respectful of what we do as SMEs for sustainability."

Franz Wyss, CEO Ticketino AG

"esg2go pragmatically and efficiently supports SMEs to optimize their performance in ESG issues today, before they are forced to do so tomorrow by official regulations or private sector requirements."

Hannes Müller, CEO am Punkt. – Creative Strategy & Innovation

"We love esg2go's approach, and we are convinced that creating an effective tool is the way to go. esg2go has the potential to become a nationally recognized tool, which is easy to use for SMEs and is an effective tool to measure and compare sustainability."

Andreas Roos, Head of Sales and Marketing ADAMS Schweiz AG

Do you have any questions?

ESG is a complex topic. If you need immediate information, it is best to search for an answer in our FAQ. Of course, we are also happy to help you personally.