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esg2go sustainability rating for SMEs

The first version of the esg2go Rating & Reporting Standard was launched on March 31, 2022. And it’s as easy as buying a coffee over the counter. Here are the reasons why every small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) should participate.

Reason 1

With esg2go, SME receive a reliable tool, with which you can measure your level of sustainability to an exact degree, differentiate using benchmarks, and present yourself with your achieved results.

Reason 2

esg2go is an entire system of ratings and reportings. The data entry is a once-only case. esg2go is ideal as a sustainability statement in tenders. esg2go helps SMEs to save transaction costs and opens up new markets for them.

Reason 3

When defined, esg2go will help you comply with regulatory requirements. This will also be as easy as ordering a coffee over the counter. These are reasons why esg2go sustainability is on the go!

Why esg2go?


esg2go open

Openness characterizes our approach, openness is in everything we do. We actively integrate the extensive knowledge of our sustainability experts into our systems. We have all other relevant rating and report standards on board. From a technological standpoint, interface and transcoding has been our core business. Our filters can adapt to very specific conditions. We are open to discuss any topics that will help move sustainability forward.


esg2go trusted

We believe in facts, in numerical values. We are convinced that sustainability must be shown in real terms. Mere declarations of intent are not enough; we avoid greenwashing at all costs. We want exact comparisons as well as differentiated benchmarks. We want the acknowledgement of sustainability achievements. We want the better players to stand in a better light. We want traceability and transparence. We demand credibility.


esg2go together

Pros and Partners support esg2go. Together we are building the best rating for SMEs. This starts with the specialists of the CCRS Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, continues with the “pros”, i.e. the professionals (specialists), the promoters (associations) and the progress enablers (institutes). The power of partners (such as UBS, Credit Suisse, Zurich Insurance) ensures the foundation for market penetration. This all at affordable prices.


esg2go go go!

esg2go – sustainability is on the go! So that sustainability can move forward. But no theoretical overkill, but what serves SMEs and the environment, society and good governance. esg2go was developed in cooperation with SMEs for this exact reason. This is why esg2go doesn’t only take the footprint into account, but also the handprint (the active contribution to solving the problem). So that sustainability can move forward!

Our Transparent Process

What information do we need?

esg2go is built economically, but not minimalistically. Reliable results require reliable data entry, most of which will be ascertained from financial statements. In some cases, you may need electricity bills or employees’ wage statements.

It is not unlike doing your taxes: The first time requires more time, due to gathering all the necessary documents. The following times, you will have everything prepared and ready to go. As it would be expected: The companies who have defined themselves through sustainability will have an easier time compared to the novices.

On request, a Professional (specialist) will guide you through the entire process. The professionals can help with data entry, as well as a detailed explanation of the results.

What are we calculating?

The inputs (click here for an example) are converted into scores by the calculation machinery developed by CCRS. The individual input values are used to calculate so-called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), two each for the area of the environment (E – Environment), five for the area of society (S – Social) and three for the area of corporate management (G – Governance). These “footprint” KPIs are converted into “handprint” KPIs by including the active contribution. The KPIs will become scores for the individual ESG categories and converted into a final score. In addition to the input from the esg2go participants, other empirical values are also included in the calculations of the scores.

For benchmarking purposes, the scores are calibrated for the respective company’s industry and size. A score of 0 is a so-called no-go value, i.e. the absolute minimum. A score of 100 is the ideal value that is currently theoretically possible. The benchmark lies at 60, which means it serves as a reference value for the respective industry and size of company. If you are over the benchmark, you are performing better than the industry average, if you are below it, you are performing worse.

The following figure sums it up perfectly: Through differentiated benchmarking, adjusted to industry and company size, the scatter will reduce, and the benchmark becomes more accurate and therewith more meaningful.


esg2go Benchmarking Diagramm

The result?

So, what is it all for? Well, quite a lot, if you ask us.

  1. A clear, fair, industry, and company size adjusted scoring system in all ESG categories.
  2. An automated reporting system that can transfer to further reporting.
  3. Through the transparent approach, the activities regarding sustainability will be included, which ensures a high quality for esg2go Rating & Reporting Standards.
  4. The esg2go Rating & Reporting Standard will be filled out one time and can be accepted by a multitude of customers. This saves a lot of time.
  5. This is how esg2go becomes a reliable reference, which will enable access in further markets and business propositions.

You can see an example of an MVP report (rating only) here. In addition, participants will receive a “stamp” to use for communication.

esg2go-go-go! A prelude into the sustainability report generator.

Beispiel einer Ergebnisgrafik

esg2go advantages briefly & concisely explained in the video

“We want to make it as easy as possible for the SME. And they should be able to draw the highest possible usage from it”

Dr. Philipp Aerni – Director CCRS

Who is behind esg2go?

esg2go is a project created by CCRS (Center of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability) at the School of Management in Fribourg, and Adjumed Services AG.

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