esg2go Pros and Partners

Pros: The esg2go backbone

Pros are the backbone of the esg2go system. The “Pros” are professionals, promoters and progress enablers. esg2go is open and integrates the know-how of the market, the positive forces.


An esg2go professional is someone who qualifies as a specialist, such as a consultant on environmental issues. Professionals are selected with utmost care, trained in an online course which teach basics and specificities, as well as the special filter of the esg2go rating and reporting standards. Upon completion, he/she can start working as an esg2go professional. We offer 2 levels. We offer two levels.



  • Sending information packageSending information package
  • Technical assistance with input, such as.
    • Forgotten password
    • Setting up new user
    • Miscellaneous support to use system
  • Content relevant support

A-Level support can be done through call center

Advanced Professional


  • All tasks of the professional
  • Content relevant support for data entry relating to data source as well as other specific questions
  • Questions regarding interpretation of results
  • Motivation to deepen sustainability, can affect additional consulting services beyond the esg2go rating

Advanced Professionals are used in the Professional Ratings. B-Level Professionals take over the entire process or can be included for the esg2go ratings over the call center

Active esg2go Professionals

Professionals help esg2go participants with the correct input and interpretation of the esg2go rating.

If the esg2go participant chooses the “Professional” variant, a maximum of 2 hours of handling and consulting by a professional is included. Additional services can be agreed upon between the esg2go participant and the Professional, but are not part of the esg2go offer.

The professionals are free entrepreneurs. They are trained and tested by the esg2go responsible persons. They are there to ensure the quality of the input and help generate optimal value.

Company Contact Telephone
Zip City
Amberg Engineering AG Ms. Claudia Rigling +41 44 870 91 11 8105 Regensdorf
Am Punkt GmbH Mr. Johannes Müller +41 79 230 95 73 4132 Muttenz
CSR Advice Mr. René Köfer +41 79 705 33 58 8706 Meilen
Durabilité Conseils Monsieur Michel Muller +41 79 342 61 63 1027 Lonay
endlich. Frau Anna Köhl +43 660 126 07 45 6020 Innsbruck (Austria)
ESGPath Herr Arda Leibundgut +41 79 123 89 03 8049 Zürich
Filament Europe Frau Anne Pelisse +41 79 476 57 86 8800 Thalwil
Hochschule Luzern (HSLU) Prof. Dr. Markus Zemp +41 41 228 41 97 6002 Luzern
Industrielle Betriebe Interlaken Mr. Benno Niedermann +41 33 826 30 08 3800 Interlaken
Nachhaltigkeitsberatung Galliker Herr Hans Galliker +41 44 687 72 83 8003 Zürich
Net-Zero Impact Dr. Erwan Saouter +33 78 265 60 37 FR-01630 Saint Genis-Pouilly (France)
Movo Partners Sébastien Cretegny +41 78 898 22 15 1006 Lausanne
PriorityNet AG Dr. Matthias Häni +41 79 511 51 83 5503 Schafisheim
Solyda AG Monsieur Fabian Schierscher +423 787 94 85 LI – 9494 Schaan (Liechtenstein)
Sustainaccount Dr. Christian Spindler +41 79 875 9243 8005 Zurich


Is “Sustainability is on the go!” something for you?

Then send us an email to or call us on 0840 esg2go (0840 37 42 46) and ask for Luzi Rageth.


A promotor is typically an association of esg2go professionals. Promotors support their members in content and promote esg2go for them and any possible members. They receive discounts, which can be given to their members, who can then give it to their participants.

Swiss Cleantech

Since the beginning, swisscleantech has been an ideal model of an esg2go promotor. They have been supporting the idea of a transparent benchmarking based ESG rating for a long time. Their practicality and anchored position has been pushing esg2go since its conception.

Here is a list of active promotors, which can help you with data entry or interpretation of the esg2go ratings.

Is “Sustainability is on the go!” something for you?

Dann senden Sie uns ein Mail an oder rufen Sie uns an auf 0840 esg2go (0840 37 48 46) und verlangen Sie Prof. Dr. Philipp Aerni.

PRO-gress Enabler

A progress enable is typically a scientific institution which works closely with CCRS on esg2go content. The progress enablers support esg2go in content. Cooperating with CCRS generate important projects in the field of sustainability.

ZHAW Wintherthur

An ideal and model esg2go progress enabler is ZHAW, Zurich University of Applied Sciences. As an extended partner, they have been supporting a transparent, benchmark based esg-rating system for a long time. Their profound knowledge in sustainability topics comes into play in complementary projects, which usefully supplements the esg2go functionalities.

Is “Sustainability is on the go!” something for you?

Dann senden Sie uns ein Mail an oder rufen Sie uns an auf 0840 esg2go (0840 37 48 46) und verlangen Sie Prof. Dr. Philipp Aerni.

Partnerships in the Private Sector

esg2o has grown from practical initiative. Renowned organizations like UBS, Credit Suisse and Zurich having been involved since the beginning of the development and continue to support the operational esg2go team in the esg2go Strategic Committee.

Logo Renaissance

An ideal and model partner of the private sector since the beginning has been Renaissance Anlagestiftung. It has been their initiative since the year 2018 to quantifiably evaluate esg ratings in SMEs. Thanks to their support and their profound knowledge in the market, the first esg2go calculations could be carried out by CCRS.

Credit Suisse
Zurich Versicherung

Is “Sustainability is on the go!” something for you?

Dann senden Sie uns ein Mail an oder rufen Sie uns an auf 0840 esg2go (0840 37 48 46) und verlangen Sie Prof. Dr. Philipp Aerni.

Partners of the Officials

At the moment, several conversations are ongoing

  • with governmental positions on international, national, and contal levels,
  • with NGO (Non Governmental Organizations)
  • and with further non profit organizations,

who we hope we can present here in the near future.