Why is esg2go so widely accepted?

The G in ESG stands for governance. This is also important for us. We therefore avoid conflicts of interest and strictly separate consulting and verification by not offering either ourselves.

This means for you: You cannot ask us for advice when submitting the key figures for ratings and reports. Otherwise we would have an incentive to rate you more positively or to recommend unnecessary efforts to achieve a good rating.

That’s why we work with independent professionals.

Professionals are independent companies that specialize in sustainability issues as consultants. We carefully select and train all our professionals.

As part of our Professional version, you receive 1.75 hours of consultation with a professional of your choice. This is normally sufficient to record all data and draw meaningful conclusions from the rating result.

The professionals have the following tasks:

  • Content-related help with input
  • Support in operating the platform
  • Answers to questions on the interpretation of the results

You are also welcome to work more closely with your professional (for example, to clarify how your sustainability can become even more 2go), in which case there is a direct contract between you and esg2go is not involved.

Find a professional here:

FirmaAnsprechpersonTelefonPLZ Ort
3PLab GmbH GruppeFrau Marlies Fritschi+41 79 745 05 508049 Zürich
7impact AGHerr Dr. Urs Frey+41 71 788 23 779050 Appenzell
Amberg Engineering AGFrau Claudia Rigling+41 44 870 91 118105 Regensdorf
Am Punkt GmbHHerr Johannes Müller+41 79 230 95 734132 Muttenz
Andreas Bachofner GmbHHerr Andreas Bachofner+41 79 436 18 078200 Schaffhausen
BHP – Brugger und Partner AGHerr Dr. Matthias Häni+41 79 511 51 838004 Zürich
CSR AdviceHerr René Köfer+41 79 705 33 588706 Meilen
Die ProjektfabrikHerr Christian Büchler+41 41 203 31 536014 Luzern
dpsuisseHerr Stefano Gazzaniga+41 58 225 55 705000 Aarau
Durabilité ConseilsHerr Michel Muller+41 79 342 61 631027 Lonay
ecos AGFrau Mareike Kremling+41 61 205 10 524051 Basel
endlich.Frau Anna Köhl+43 660 126 07 456020 Innsbruck (Oesterreich)
engageabilityFrau Vanessa Scheungraber+41 76 723 24 748001 Zürich
ESGPathHerr Arda Leibundgut+41 79 123 89 038049 Zürich
Filament EuropeFrau Anne Pelisse+41 79 476 57 868800 Thalwil
FraktalwerkHerr Venancius Antony+41 79 253 08 995400 Baden
Hands-on ResourcesMadame Sophie Schell+41 79 418 04 421204 Genf
Heller Management ConsultingHerr Beat Heller+41 55 640 94 948853 Lachen
HenoviaMadame Luisa Helms+41 76 576 44 081006 Lausanne
Hochschule Luzern (HSLU)Herr Prof. Dr. Markus Zemp+41 41 228 41 976002 Luzern
Kaspar HessHerr Kaspar Hess+41 79 335 39 554104 Oberwil
Lalotak GmbH / Staub NachhaltigkeitFrau Claudia Staub+41 79 614 50 178003 Zürich
ManecoMadame Juliette Lemoine+41 22 753 02 321217 Meyrin
Marcel Farkhondeh ESG BeratungHerr Marcel Farkhondeh+41 79 395 36 718280 Kreuzlingen
Milani Design & Consulting AG
Frau Nadine Wolf+41 44 914 74 748800 Thalwil Zürich
MK ConsultingHerr Martin Kathriner+41 79 150 03 396005 Luzern
Mon Entreprise DurableMadame Isabelle Neveu+41 77 511 27 151201 Genève
Movo PartnersHerr Sébastien Cretegny+41 78 898 22 151006 Lausanne
Nachhaltigkeitsberatung GallikerHerr Hans Galliker+41 44 687 72 838003 Zürich
Net-Zero ImpactHerr Dr. Erwan Saouter+33 78 265 60 37FR-01630 Saint Genis-Pouilly (Frankreich)
Passam AGHerr Benjamin Michen+41 79 380 30 398708 Männedorf
PhönixHerr Dr. Clemens Lang+41 79 638 50 473086 Wald bei Bern
Resa Business Audit GmbHHerr Remo Satta+41 44 244 34 908306 Brüttisellen
Semadeni Environmental ConsultingHerr Dr. Marco Semadeni+41 44 737 36118903 Birmensdorf
SustainaccountHerr Dr. Christian Spindler+41 79 875 92438005 Zürich
swiss exportFrau Dr. Frédérique Reeb-Landry+41 21 510 27 841024 Ecublens
Teddy FreiburghausHerr Teddy Freiburghaus+41 79 736 97 528006 Zürich
Terramo AGHerr Fabian Schierscher+423 787 94 859470 Buchs (SG)
UTOPIA DESIGNERHerr Christoph Wey+41 79 643 22 658925 Ebertwil
Youtility AGHerr Benno Niedermann+41 31 335 70 283014 Bern


Verification by the independent SQS.

This gives you and your customers security. The esg2go verification regulations were developed by the two major players in the industry, SGS and SQS. SQS has firmly incorporated esg2go verifications into its product range and also offers courses. That is why it is our official “Preferred Verification Partner”. The verifications (online and as an on-site audit) can generally be carried out by other auditors accredited in the area.

Together for a good cause.
With promoters and partners.

Neither we as a rating provider nor you as an SME can save the world on your own. Because sustainability is such a huge topic, we are open to collaborations of all kinds. Here you will find a list of our most important partnerships:

Associations: Promoters

By this we mean associations in the ESG area as well as associations that are developing further in terms of sustainability. The promoters support their members in terms of content and negotiate good conditions for their members, which they pass on.

Swiss Cleantech

We have found such an ideal partner in swisscleantech. The Association of Climate Friendly Businesses has supported our concern for an open, benchmark-based rating since the beginning.

Other associations that support us:

öbu.ch – the association for sustainable business

hotelleiresuisse.ch – the association of the accommodation industry

dpsuisse.ch – the association of the print and media industry

am-suisse.ch – the association of employers in the metal construction, agricultural engineering and farriery sectors

bauenschweiz.ch – the umbrella organization of the Swiss construction industry

globalcompact.ch – the official platform of the United Nations Global Compact Initiative in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

sustainableswitzerland.ch – the initiative for sustainability

SCAI swiss climate action initiative – the joint platform of large companies, SMEs and other organizations in Switzerland that are demonstrably committed to the effective reduction ofCO2 emissions

Institute: Progress Enabler

Progress Enablers are scientific institutes that support us in continuously updating and improving our ratings and reports.

The CCRS Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at the Fribourg School of Business works with a large number of progress enablers. Special mention should also be made here of the members of the Advisory Board.


Partners from the private sector

Right from the start, our idea was backed by some very important Swiss companies. They made it possible for us to launch a rating and reporting system tailored to SMEs on the market.

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We are always open to partnerships – project-based or strategic, with companies, NGOs or government agencies.

If you are involved in ESG in general or in ratings and reporting in particular, we look forward to hearing from you.