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How is Our Process Built?

The process consists of six different steps, or modules, which convert and represent the final score of the SME in the categories E (Environment), S (Social), and G (Governance).

Scoring Process esg2go

Module 1

In module 1, the data entered will convert into KPIs


Module 2

In module 2, every KPI value will convert into a value between 0 and 100, which will be represented as a KPI score. These KPI scores are designed in a comparable way due to an adequate benchmarking process.


Module 3

In module 3 there will be a weighted aggregate of KPI scores in key categories, which will be completely transparent. Additionally, the scores will be shown as an aggregate in the key layer of footprint-score in the main categories E, S, and G.


Module 4

In module 4, the optional entries of the questionnaire which determine the SME’s “Handprint” will be adjusted to key layers and produce a new score. Handprint adjusted score in key layers.


Module 5

In module 5 the handprint adjusted score on key layers will be aggregated to the main areas to receive scores on E, S, and G.


Module 6

In the final step, the scores in Module 6 at the E, S, and G levels are aggregated into an overall score that represents the final total score of the SME.

In its entirety, the SME participants will receive a final score in categories E, S, and G, as well as scores in key layers in every category. Each of these scores consist of a score before adjustment by optional input (footprint score) and a score after adjustment by optional input (handprint score).