Because ratings and reports do not calculate themselves

We are still dependent on bright minds who are familiar with sustainability criteria and can generate ratings from them.

We are a joint project of the CCRS Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at the Fribourg School of Business and the technology provider Adjumed Services AG. This is also known as a public-private partnership.


Prof. Dr. Philipp Aerni

CCRS Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Dr. Isa Cakir

Quantitative Methods
CCRS Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Portrait Michael Wolf
Dr. Michael Wolf

Partners & Stakeholders
CCRS Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Dr. Luzi Rageth

Owner / CEO Adjumed Services AG

Riccard Nef

Technical project manager
Adjumed Services AG

Curtis Völkle

Project manager for content
Adjumed Services AG

Hans Galliker

Head of IT Services
CCRS Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The Advisory Board

There are clever minds behind esg2go. The Advisory Board helps us a lot. In the further development of the system and as a guarantor for the integrity of the calculations.

Portrait Dr. Sibyl Anwander

Dr. Sibyl Anwander

Director, Site Manager Hamburg
sustainable AG

Portrait Prof. Dr. Manfred Max Bergman

Prof. Dr. Manfred Max Bergman

Chair of Social Research and Methodology
Department of Social Sciences, University of Basel

Portrait Dr. Martin K. Eckert

Dr. Martin K. Eckert

Founding partner
MME Legal

Portrait Marco Hebeisen

Marco Hebeisen

Head Corporate Responsibility
Zurich Insurance

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Rudolf Koopmans

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Koopmans

Managing Director
Against All ODDS BV

Portrait Prof. Dr. Judith Ströhle

Prof. Dr. Judith Ströhle

Assistant Professor for Sustainability Governance
University of St. Gallen

Portrait Prof. Dr. Markus Zemp

Prof. Dr. Markus Zemp

Lecturer and Director of Studies
Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Some background about us.

esg2go has been around since 2018. But because there are two partners behind it, we can look back on a long history in terms of technology and sustainability. Here are some of our milestones:


In April, Hotelleriesuisse launches the second pilot project with esg2go. At the same time, esg2go is accepted by Swisstainable.

In March, Swiss Post publishes its supplier guidelines, in which esg2go is listed as one of the four accepted reporting systems.

In February, esg2go becomes the official tool of dp suisse.


August will see the launch of many new features such as

  • Inclusion of first-order Scope3 elements for better comparability of participants.
  • Key Driver Analysis to assess which measures to take to improve scores.
  • CO2-Calculator for the statement of the carbon footprint
  • esg2go reporting based on the key area scores of the rating and based on the latest principles of ESG reporting

In May the important article of Climate Partner Switzerland is published

On February 1, the launch of the “Fully-Fledged” standard product with the automatically filled DNK (German Sustainability Code) and GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) reportings takes place.

In December, the article … is published, which represents a milestone in terms of the desired transparency.


The launch of the MVP Minimal Viable Products takes place on March 31.


IThe technology provider Adjumed is brought on board in July, the test input screen is launched in October and the “esg2go rating & reporting system” project is presented to the public at a media round table in November.
The press announcement can be found here. The article of “NZZ am Sonntag” can be found here.


“Kickoff Meeting” for the further development of the sustainability rating tool (prototype) for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Switzerland.


CCRS is asked by Renaissance Anlagestiftung to develop an ESG rating tool for their participation. Support by BAFU.


The foundation “center of sustainability” founds CCRS Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability.


Adjumed Services AG, the technology provider of esg2go, is founded.