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Simple ESG monitoring

Swiss companies are obliged to report on their entire supply chain. This is done simply and efficiently with the leading and widely accepted esg2go solution. It enables SMEs to provide all relevant key figures on sustainability quickly and easily.

Your advantages



All three ESG areas – environmental, social and governance – are covered. Various reports and a CO2 calculator are integrated.


Your subsidiaries and suppliers receive a clear, comprehensible result with verifiable numerical scores.



Benchmarking takes industry and company size into account. The classification and weighting of the scores therefore change accordingly.



SMEs often lack the expertise and resources for reporting. If required, we can provide you with affordable access to neutral specialist consultants, the professionals. It only takes around one day to fill out the form for the first time, and significantly less time in subsequent years. SMEs also appreciate the fact that they can use their ratings and reports multiple times and that our costs are low for them.



You will only receive reliable information if your suppliers and tender participants accept the rating. As with esg2go.

No other system has so many active participants. The low price, reasonable outlay, high functionality and good governance are the reasons for this.



Together with SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA, the SQS Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems has developed regulations for the verification of submissions. If required, SQS is the preferred partner for verification, but the esg2go regulations can also be applied by other qualified auditors.



esg2go complements the existing ISO, GRI and DNK reports and can be easily expanded to meet special requirements.

We are currently working on additional reports.



If you wish, you can ask your suppliers special questions and additionally survey them during the year to optimize the sustainability certificates you require.



We consider both the Footprint (the sustainability performance) and the Handprint (the active contribution to sustainability through the products and services offered). The handprint is an important criterion, especially for SMEs.

Do you have any questions about our ratings and reports?

With esg2go you are on the safe side.

We create comprehensive, transparent and comprehensible ratings and reports. That’s why leading Swiss companies work with us.

We comply with the requirements of OR 964.

The counter-proposal to the Responsible Business Initiative has been in force since January 2022. OR 964 states that groups must report for the first time in 2024 for the year 2023 and continuously thereafter.
The supply chain must also be included here. The special “Supplier Monitoring” filter from esg2go is ideal for this.

Internationally accepted, popular throughout Switzerland, scientifically sound.

As a result of our transparency and accuracy, we have never been rejected as a rating provider. More and more Swiss companies are also placing their trust in us, which is why our community is constantly growing. Because once filled in, esg2go can be used several times.

We support the SBTi

The Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) is committed to the climate target of net zero by 2050. Our integrated CO2 calculator is compatible with SBTi and the underlying Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Science and transparency instead of greenwashing.

We work scientifically and disclose our methodology. You will also find articles from us in scientific publications.

Individual reports for your group too.

Do you also want to know where your company stands? Ideally also in relation to individual branches or subsidiaries? Would you like to compare yourself with the market and record your progress over the years?

None of this is a problem with esg2go. This allows you to prepare continuous balanced scorecards for decision-making bodies such as the Board of Directors.

Do you have any questions?

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