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esg2go Monitoring

esg2go ist das Tool for the evaluation of suppliers and subsidiariesn for corporations. This enables them to evaluate the sustainability of their suppliers and subsidiaries in the environmental, social and corporate governance areas. esg2go covers all these areas with little effort.

esg2go – useful transparency!

esg2go makes sustainability verifiably transparent. We know of no other tool that combines so many advantages for monitoring the sustainability of suppliers and subsidiaries.

Your advantages at a glance

esg2go has many advantages over other sustainability certificates


Comprehensive rating

All three ESG areas – Environment, Social and Governance – are covered.


Klar und überprüfbar

Numerische Scores liefern ein klares und nachvollziehbares Resultat, welches auch verifiziert werden kann


Fair rating

Für das Benchmarking werden Branchen- und Grössenklassen berücksichtigt. Both the classification and the weighting for the scores change accordingly.



esg2go complements existing ISO, GRI, DNK reporting and can easily be extended to meet specific requirements. Further reportings are currently under development.


Verification from market leader SQS

Together with the SGS SQShas developed regulations for the verification of submissions. If needed SQS is our Preferred Partner for verification (whereby the regulations can also be applied by other qualified auditors)


Low effort

The time required for initial completion is approx. 1 day for a medium-sized SME. In subsequent years, then less than ½ day. The costs of esg2go are very low at CHF 300.00 for the light version. If you buy through one of our partners, you can get a discount of up to 20%, i.e. the light version costs CHF 240.00.



esg2go involves the market (professionals in sustainability issues and their associations as well as other specialists) and is therefore highly accepted. Well-known partners such as UBS, CS, Zurich Insurance, Raiffeisen support the development of esg2go.



Both the Footprint (the sustainability performance) and the Handprint (the active contribution to sustainability through the products and services offered) are taken into account. The handprint of the companies is part of the rating – an important criterion for SMEs.

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esg2go for Swiss OR 964 (incl. “Gegenvorschlag KVI”)

Anforderungen OR 964 und GV-KVI

esg2go complies with the requirements of OR 964 and the mandatory counterproposal to the Corporate Responsibility Initiative (KVI) since 1.1.2023.

Corporations are required to report not only on themselves, but on their entire supply chain. For this purpose esg2go is an ideal tool. We assume – exact data are not available to us at present (as of February 2023) – that at least the most important 20% of suppliers or 80% of purchases are to be reliably and traceably reported.

Advantages of esg2go

esg2go is not only reasonable for this purpose thanks to its low cost and effort, its platform also helps to accumulate the results in an overall view.

It does this in the same way that it helps the medical field (for which it was originally developed) to evaluate and benchmark departments and hospitals as well as hospital groups and narrower and broader specialties in an integrated way.


esg2go for benchmarking of the distribution

You want to know where not only your head office but also your branches are standing? You have your own stores and also independent dealers? And now you are interested in how these relate to the overall market? Are you particularly interested in this over time, which can be used to identify and reliably show the progress in sustainability issues of your group? The esg2go platform also helps here. Such queries can be made within seconds. Continuously prepared for the decision-making bodies, e.g. as a balanced scorecard for the board of directors.

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esg2go is well and comprehensively documented.

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