How has the development of our offer come to gone so far, and what are upcoming milestones for esg2go?


March 31 is the launch date for the MVP Minimum Viable Product, and the Fully Fledged version (including a pre-release version of the SNFRS Swiss Non Financial Reporting System developed with ZHAW) is scheduled for launch in late summer/fall.


In July, the technology provider Adjumed is brought on board, in October the test input mask is launched and in November the project “esg2go rating & reporting standard” is presented to the public at a media round table.
The press announcement can be found here. The article of “NZZ am Sonntag” can be found here.


“Kickoff Meeting” for the further development of the sustainability rating tool (prototype) for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Switzerland.


CCRS is asked by Renaissance Anlagestiftung to develop an ESG rating tool for their participation. Support by BAFU.


The foundation “center of sustainability” founds CCRS Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability.


Adjumed Services AG, the technology provider of esg2go, is founded.