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esg2go sustainability rating

esg2go is the supplier assessment tool for municipalities. This means that you can now assess the sustainability of your suppliers in the areas of environment, social affairs and governance. esg2go covers all these areas in a low-effort way.

esg2go – ideal for communities!

esg2go makes sustainability verifiably transparent. We know of no other tool that combines so many advantages for assessing the sustainability of suppliers.

Your advantages at a glance

esg2go has many advantages over other sustainability certificates


Comprehensive rating

All three ESG areas – Environment, Social and Governance – are covered.


Klar und überprüfbar

Numerische Scores liefern ein klares und nachvollziehbares Resultat, welches auch verifiziert werden kann


Fair rating

Industry and size classes are taken into account for benchmarking. Both the classification and the weighting for the scores change.



esg2go complements the existing ISO, GRI, DNK reportings and can easily be extended by special requests. Further reportings are under development.


Verification from market leader SQS

Together with the SGS SQShas developed regulations for the verification of submissions. If needed SQS is our Preferred Partner for verification (whereby the regulations can also be applied by other qualified auditors)


Low effort

The time required for the first completion for a medium-sized SME is about 1 day, in subsequent years it is less than ½ day. The costs of esg2go is very low at CHF 300.00 for the light version (for whichpartners offer up to 20% discount)



esg2go includes the market (professionals in sustainability issues and their associations as well as other specialists) and is therefore highly accepted



Both Footprint (the sustainability performance) and Handprint (the active contribution to sustainability via the products and services offered) are taken into account. The Handprint contribution of the companies to the solution is part of the rating – an important SME reference

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esg2go complies with the IVöB

Requirements of the IVöB

«For the definition of the environmental and social aspects and their verification, the client can rely on internationally recognized certification systems. This simplifies the review options and the evaluation processes. However, evidence that equivalent requirements are met shall always be admitted.”

esg2go meets these requirements for public procurement.

We are such equivalent evidence. With our transparent ratings, we make a decisive contribution to sustainability.

You can find more information about IVöB here:


You need further documents?

esg2go is well and comprehensively documented.

We thus fulfill the tenderers’ duty of care.

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