esg2go Rating

esg2go is a rating & reporting system for SMEs. It allows the quantitatively supported location determination of sustainability. Alongside footprint, handprint will also be considered.

esg2go Versions in Detail

esg2go is available in three versions, the Professional Version and the two Light Versions. The Professional version offers rating, reporting, support for data entry, interpretation of results, as well as verification options. The light version includes the entire esg2go-Rating, without reporting filter and support. In the Light+ version, the reporting filters are included.

Light+ Version

  • Complete esg2go functionality
  • Includes reporting and verifiaction options
  • Enter and interpret by yourself, assistance only via chargeable 0900 esg2go number (CHF 3.00 / minute)
  • Appropriate for experts
  • An upgrade to esg2go-Professional is possible at any time

Professional Version

  • Complete esg2go functionality
  • Includes reporting and verifiaction options
  • Includes support by way of Professional (specialist)
  • Includes interpretation of results through a Professional (specialist)
  • The complete tool for all ESG-Reportings

Light Version

  • Pure esg2go rating functionality
  • Verification options included
  • Enter and interpret by yourself, assistance only via chargeable 0900 esg2go number (CHF 3.00 / minute)
  • Appropriate for experts
  • An upgrade to esg2go-Light+ or esg2go-Professional is possible at any time

How does the rating process work?

After payment or activation, you receive your access, make your entries, check them automatically for plausibility and then generate the rating report as well as a report (based on the SSRS Swiss Sustainability Reporting Standards currently under development). Additional reportings such as DNK (German Sustainability Code) or GRI (Global Reporting Initiative of the UN) are stored and available in the Light+ and Professional versions. With successive entries you will be able to see how your company has developed.

If desired, the entries can be verified. Together with SGS, SQS has drawn up a set of regulations for this purpose. This can be applied by any auditor accredited for one of the ESG areas. Our preferred partner for verification is the SQS.

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How does rating work?

“Design is how it works” (Steve Jobs):

First and foremost, a sustainability system must work. Compared to other ESG ratings or reporting systems, the esg2go Rating & Reporting System is characterized by its high practical orientation, benchmarking as well as the prevention of greenwashing and high user-friendliness.

Usability: Footprint / Handprint

The data entry is easy to do and structure clearly: After all declarations of a business have been entered, E-Environment, S-Social, G-Governance will be entered, as with most other sustainability tools. On top of these so-called footprint entries, you will have the possibility to declare your handprint, ie your contribution to sustainability.

No Greenwashing: Precision and Benchmarking

“We support women re-entering the workforce” writes itself easily. To date, sustainability reporting have only required declarations or even just intentions. esg2go rating & reporting goes to the next level by requiring precise numbers. How many employees in total are employed, how many of them are women? In which position? How old? This is one example of many on how esg2go prevents greenwashing.

Effortless: Once-only Data Entry

You have completed the esg2go rating and generated an initial report. The report is based on the Swiss Sustainability Reporting Standard (SSRS), which is currently under development. You have received your accurate scores. You can use these however you please. Showing your employees, clients, suppliers, or contractors. But now one of your clients requests for you to prove yourself with yet another reporting standard – thankfully this is an effortless process. With so-called filters you can switch the data entry form and will immediately see which data entries you will need for other reporting standards. If your data entry will suffice for these filters, the answers will be filled in automatically.

These standards are stored in our system from the full expansion stage, the "Fully Fledged Version" onwards.

In addition, further industry- and key account-specific ratings and reports will be successively added.

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"We love esg2go's approach, and we are convinced that creating an effective tool is the way to go. esg2go has the potential to become a nationally recognized tool, which is easy to use for SMEs and is an effective tool to measure and compare sustainability."

Andreas Roos, Sales and Marketing Manager ADAMS Schweiz AG

"esg2go is a real bright spot: Simple, clear, reliable, open, functional, secure and especially respectful of what we do as SMEs for sustainability."

Franz Wyss, CEO Ticketino AG

"esg2go pragmatically and efficiently supports SMEs to optimize their performance in ESG issues today, before they are forced to do so tomorrow by official regulations or private sector requirements."

Hannes Müller, CEO am Punkt. – Creative Strategy & Innovation