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esg2go is designed to be open. All the knowledge, all the positive forces of the market are included. So also your experience, your commitment, your contribution to sustainability.

Become an esg2go Professional

Anyone who qualifies professionally as a consultant in sustainability issues is considered an esg2go Professional. trained in an online course which teach basics and specificities, as well as the special filter of the esg2go rating and reporting standards. After that you can start as esg2go Professional. We offer two levels.

Initial-Level Professional


  • Setup access
  • Zusendung InformationspaketSending information package
  • Technical assistance with input, such as.
    • Forgotten password
    • Setting up new user
    • Miscellaneous support to use system
  • Content relevant support

Initial-level support can also be handled via call centers.

Advanced-Level Professional


  • Content relevant support for data entry relating to data source as well as other specific questions
  • Questions regarding interpretation of results
  • Motivation to deepen sustainability, can affect additional consulting services beyond the esg2go rating

Advanced Professionals are called in for Professional esg2go ratings. Even for those that are primarily handled by the esg2go call centers.

If you take over the consulting services as a professional, CHF 200.00 of the CHF 600.00 of the professional version is available to you in total or CHF 25.00 for setting up the accounts, CHF 75.00 for professional support during data entry and CHF 100.00 for advanced level support during the interpretation of the results.

Professional Tools

We provide these documents to the professional:

Additional marketing materials are in development.


Our FAQ list is in the process of being created. We will be adding more questions and answers here in the near future.

Please send suggestions as well as cases to be further processed by us to support@esg2go.com.

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Forgotten password
  1. Via https://esg2go.net you get directly to the entry page
  2. Click “Forgot password”(1)
  3. Enter your e-mail address and subscriber number (2)
  4. You will receive a password reset link by mail after which you can set your new password.

Forgotten password

Set password / unlock account
  1. Via https://esg2go.net you get directly to the entry page
  2. Please log into the system as usual.
    Step 1 Set new password
  3. You can set a new password or unlock an account by pressing theMaster data (1), User (2), then from the Professional group already stored (3), select the company group (4) and the corresponding company (5). After that, a list of existing users will appear. In the list of users, please select the user who needs a new password and click edit (6).
    Setting a new password Where to click to set a new password or unlock an account[/caption]
  4. To unlock the user account again, in the Security tab (1), set the User access field back to “free” (2). To exit the window, click save (3).
    Step 3 Set new password
  5. Change the password by entering a new password in the Password tab (1). The password can be freely chosen, but must be at least 7 characters long, consist of upper and lower case letters, and contain at least one number. To close the window click on save (3).

Set password

Input cannot be completed

If an entry cannot be completed, check the information using the “Check current entries” button at the bottom of the questionnaire.

Step 1 Case can not be closed

After the check, a check list with error messages appears in the lower left area of the screen. If mandatory fields are not filled in or not filled in correctly, the errors will have to be corrected first before the input can be completed.

Step 2 Case can not be closed

If the checklist does not show any error messages and the entry still cannot be completed, please contact technical support.



Report cannot be generated

Please note that it may take a few moments until all fields in the report are calculated. Allow up to two minutes for this.

If the report still cannot be generated, use Contact (1) to fill out the contact form and support request and send it. This will trigger a support ticket with the esg2go support team.

Create/manage/delete users

A new user can be created by first selecting the company group(2) and the corresponding company (3) from the already stored Professional group (1). After that, a list of existing users will appear. A new user can be created via [neu] (4). Existing users can be edited or deleted via[auswählen] (5).

Important sources of error / please note

The following points should be considered when working with our system:

  • Never log in to the same browser more than once at the same time with your user account. Please use different browsers if necessary.
  • Save your progress while working through the questions, because after some inactivity you will be logged out of the system automatically.
  • Always exit the system via “Logout” only. This ensures that any unsaved changes are not lost.

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