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esg2go is designed to be open. All the knowledge, all the positive forces of the market are included. So also your experience, your commitment, your contribution to sustainability.

Become an esg2go Professional

Anyone who qualifies professionally as a consultant in sustainability issues is considered an esg2go Professional. The basics and specialties of the esg2go Rating & Reporting System as well as the special filters are taught and tested in an online training course. After that you can start as esg2go Professional. Your task with customers is to assist them in entering and interpreting the results:

Assistance with the input

  • Technical assistance with input, such as.
    • Forgotten password
    • Miscellaneous support to use system
  • content relevant support for data entry relating to data source as well as other specific questions

Questions regarding interpretation of results

  • Questions regarding interpretation of results
  • Motivation to deepen sustainability, which can have an impact on additional consulting services beyond the esg2go rating


If you take on the consulting services as a Professional, CHF 200.00 of the CHF 750.00 of the Professional version is available to you.

How to become a professional?

The procedure is as follows:

  1. You write us a Mail that you want to become a professional.
  2. We invite you to join us for a Zoom meeting lasting about an hour to get to know each other.
  3. You will receive a test task incl. Test account and the Professional contract as we specify it.
  4. You solve the test task and let us know as soon as you have finished
  5. We discuss the result of the test task with you
  6. You correct the test-entries
  7. You send us the signed contract, which we countersign and send to you again.
  8. You will receive a 10% discount code which you can pass on to your customers
  9. You will receive the esg2go-Professional logo for use in your media
  10. We list you on the Pro-Site an in the Order-Tool as well
  11. We invite you to join the LinkedIn group “esg2go professionals and partners”.


Professional Tools

We provide these documents to the professional:

Letter to clients

Flyer A4


Example esg2go inputs / fields

Example esg2go Rating Result

How to choose and order the right license? (Video 9 minutes)

How to enter esg2go data and generate reports? (Video 20 minutes)

Additional marketing materials are in development.



Our FAQ list is in the process of being created. We will be adding more questions and answers here in the near future.

Please send suggestions as well as cases to be further processed by us to support@esg2go.com.

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Forgotten password
  1. Via https://esg2go.net you get directly to the entry page
  2. Click “Forgot password”(1)
  3. Enter your e-mail address and subscriber number (2)
  4. You will receive a password reset link by mail after which you can set your new password.

Forgotten password

Input cannot be completed

If an entry cannot be completed, check the information using the “Check current entries” button at the bottom of the questionnaire.

Step 1 Case can not be closed

After the check, a check list with error messages appears in the lower left area of the screen. If mandatory fields are not filled in or not filled in correctly, the errors will have to be corrected first before the input can be completed.

Step 2 Case can not be closed

If the checklist does not show any error messages and the entry still cannot be completed, please contact technical support.



Report cannot be generated

Please note that it may take a few moments until all fields in the report are calculated. Allow up to two minutes for this.

If the report still cannot be generated, use Contact (1) to fill out the contact form and support request and send it. This will trigger a support ticket with the esg2go support team.

Important sources of error / please note

The following points should be considered when working with our system:

  • Never log in to the same browser more than once at the same time with your user account. Please use different browsers if necessary.
  • Save your progress while working through the questions, because after some inactivity you will be logged out of the system automatically.
  • Always exit the system via “Logout” only. This ensures that any unsaved changes are not lost.
Does esg2go map the ESRS/CSRD standard?

Our esg2go sustainability reporting fundamentally follows the EFRAG principles, as does the ESRS.
Even if we do not go into the same level of detail, reporting according to esg2go has a significant advantage:
It builds on the results of the 10 key areas scanned in the rating, on which corresponding comments are made. The rating therefore primarily shows where an SME currently stands with its sustainability performance compared to its peers. In reporting, it is then also possible to define more clearly which measures are to be used where. Although materiality is already taken into account in the individual indicators, a short double materiality statement is additionally required so that an SME also makes concrete considerations regarding the situation. We created the esg2go sustainability reporting with input from experts in academia and the professional world to ensure it meets the basic principles of modern sustainability reporting.
esg2go also serves as a comprehensive control instrument, which can be used to show specifically over the years where and by how much one has improved with which measures compared to the competitors (roughly speaking, one could speak of a comparison of the actual rating with the target reporting of the SME, whereby the ‘actual’ also becomes the ‘target’ after one year).
However, we are also prepared for the possible requirement of a major customer that, for example, only GRI reporting is accepted (which also strongly follows the EFRAG principles in the new version). In this case, the results of the esg2go rating are transcoded directly as full text into the corresponding GRI fields. This already works very well. However, the effort to produce a full GRI report is still relatively large, because esg2go is much more streamlined than GRI and therefore numerous GRI responses still need to be filled in manually.

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