esg2go Pricing

Professional or Light/Light+

Unser Standard-Pricing gestaltet sich wie folgt:

If you choose the light version, this comes only with the rating, no reporting, and no support. If support is still required, it is available on the chargeable telephone number 0900 esg2go (0900 37 42 46) at CHF 3.00 per minute.

Should you no longer need any support from a professional by your second year, you can simply switch to esg2go Light+.

A change in class for the following year is always possible.

If the entries are to be verified, we recommend our Preferred Verification Partner SQS.

The prices are excluding VAT.

Pricing for Pros

There are various rewards and discounts for the pros.

If a professional (specialist) takes over the consulting services, he/she is entitled to a total of CHF 200.00 of the services or CHF 50.00 for professional-level support during data entry or CHF 100.00 for advanced-level support during data entry and CHF 100.00 for advanced-level support during interpretation of the results.

Discounts will also be given to members of the promotors (associations).