Makes your tenders easier.

IVöB-compliant ESG monitoring.

In more and more tenders, suppliers have to prove their sustainability.

esg2go is the simple, widely accepted solution designed specifically for Swiss SMEs to document their environmental, social and governance performance.

Your advantages



All three ESG areas – environmental, social and governance – are covered. Various reports and a CO2 calculator are integrated.


Your suppliers receive a clear, comprehensible result with verifiable numerical scores.



Benchmarking takes industry and company size into account. The classification and weighting of the scores therefore change accordingly.



We consider both the Footprint (the sustainability performance) and the Handprint (the active contribution to sustainability through the products and services offered). The handprint is an important criterion, especially for SMEs.


You will only receive reliable information if your suppliers and tender participants accept the rating. esg2go is accepted, no other system has so many active participants. The low price, reasonable outlay, high functionality and good governance are the reasons for this.



Together with SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA, the SQS Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems has developed regulations for the verification of submissions. If required, SQS is the preferred partner for verification, but the esg2go regulations can also be applied by other qualified auditors.



esg2go complements the existing ISO, GRI and DNK reports and can be easily expanded to meet special requirements. We are currently working on additional reports.



If you wish, you can ask your suppliers special questions and also interview them during the year to optimize the sustainability certificates you require.

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esg2go complies with the IVöB.

The Intercantonal Agreement on Public Procurement (IVöB) states the following:


For the definition of the environmental and social aspects and their verification, the client can rely on internationally recognized certification systems. This simplifies the review options and the evaluation processes. However, proof that equivalent requirements are met must always be provided.

Source: Conference of Building, Planning and Environmental Directors

esg2go meets these requirements. With our transparent evaluations, we provide you with support in selecting your suppliers.

Partner in the public sector

With the large number of companies in our community, we are the leading provider of sustainability ratings and reports in Switzerland.

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