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Measurable and comparable sustainability rating & reporting for SMEs

esg2go is an ESG rating and reporting system that is primarily designed for SMEs. It assesses the ESG performance of companies on the basis of quantitative data, which leads to environmental, social and governance scores that can then be compared with those of the respective economic sector. The concept of the “handprint” (defined as an active contribution to sustainability) is also integrated into the evaluation system. Important functionalities such as semi-automated reporting, a key driver analysis for continuous improvement and a CO2 calculator are integrated. An esg2go label can be obtained through verification carried out by private partners.

Sustainability rating & reporting is as easy with esg2go as buying a coffee across the street. Here are the reasons why every small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) as well as all large companies that want to measure their supplier base in terms of sustainability should use esg2go.

esg2go is reliable

With esg2go, SMEs receive a handy, reliable tool with which they can measure their sustainability precisely and comparably, benchmark it differentiated by industry and size category, and distinguish themselves with the good result.

esg2go is reasonable

esg2go is an entire system of ratings and reportings. The “once only” rule applies to data entry. esg2go is ideal as a sustainability certificate in tenders. esg2go helps SMEs to save transaction costs at a reasonable price and with reasonable effort and opens up new markets for them.

esg2go is safe

esg2go will also help users meet regulatory requirements once these have been defined. This will also be as easy as ordering a coffee over the counter. That’s why with esg2go sustainability on the go!

Your advantages with esg2go


Open standards 2go!

Openness is the hallmark of our approach. We actively integrate the extensive knowledge of our sustainability experts into our systems. We have the rating and reporting standards on board. From a technological standpoint, interface and transcoding has been our core business. Our filters can adapt to very specific conditions. We are open to discuss any topics that will help move sustainability forward.


Sustainable benchmarking 2go!

We believe in facts, in numerical values. We are convinced that sustainability must be shown in real terms. Mere declarations of intent are not enough; we avoid greenwashing at all costs. We want exact comparisons as well as differentiated benchmarks. We want the acknowledgement of sustainability achievements. We want the better players to stand in a better light. We want traceability and transparence.


Strong partnerships 2go!

Pros and Partners support esg2go. Together we build the best rating for SMEs. This starts with the specialists of the CCRS Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, continues with the “pros”, i.e. the professionals (specialists), the promoters (associations) and the progress enablers (institutes) as well as the verifiers (first and foremost the SQS, which developed the regulations). The power of the partners (such as UBS, Credit Suisse, Zurich Versicherungen, Raiffeisen) ensures the foundation for market penetration. And this at reasonable prices!.


Especially for SMEs 2go!

esg2go – sustainability is on the go! So that sustainability can move forwardas described in the SDGs of the UN. In such a way that it serves SMEs and the environment, society as well as good companies. esg2go was developed in cooperation with SMEs for this exact reason. This is why esg2go doesn’t only take the footprint into account, but also the handprint (the active contribution to solving the problem). esg2go is the first step and a trusty companion on the journey of a company’s sustainable development. So that sustainability can move forward!

cOur advantages explained briefly & concisely in a video

“We want to make it as easy as possible for the SME. And they should be able to draw the highest possible usage from it”

Prof. Dr. Philipp Aerni – Director CCRS

Who is behind esg2go?

esg2go is a project created by CCRS (Center of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability) at the School of Management in Fribourg, and Adjumed Services AG.

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